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Nuevos registros de ciperáceas para la Flora del valle de México y de la República Mexicana

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Journal Title: Botanical Sciences
Authors and Corporations: González-E., Ma. Socorro
In: Botanical Sciences, 2017, 44, p. 17
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: Undetermined
Botanical Sciences, Sociedad Botanica de Mexico, AC
Abstract: <jats:p>16 species of Cyperaceae are recorded for the first time from the Valley of Mexico; 3 of these species are reported for the first time from Mexico. The names of other 9 species are also cited for the first time from the Valley of Mexico, but refer to plants previously known from the area with other names.</jats:p>
Physical Description: 17
ISSN: 2007-4298
DOI: 10.17129/botsci.1280